Avoid bullying

With awareness and the support of the media literacy of children and young people, teachers and parents can help avoiding a bullying incident. By using the various possibilities and procedures in dealing with information and communication technologies, cyber-mobbing (-bullying) can be prevented.
It is also the task of schools to support a responsible and competent media communication with information and offers.
Rules and tips for teachers, educational specialists and teachers:
Be careful – children and young people can be both victims and perpetrators of bullying by mobile phones and Internet technology. Be aware, if a child or teenager appears disturbed after the use of the Internet or the mobile phone or slight changes in the relationship to friends become apparent. Be suspicious, if a child or teenager doesn't like to talk about his online activities or his mobile phone use or seems close-lipped because of it. Be equally suspicious, if the issue of cyber-bullying/mobbing is a topic of conversation during the breaks or in the classroom. Pay attention to relevant events in your school.
Raise awareness among your students – discuss the meaningful use of information and communication technologies in the context of media education with your students. It is important to understand in what way these technologies are used by children and young people. In addition, information on the impact and consequences of the misuse of data, as well as on the consequences of possible offenses is important.
Establish rules – with the involvement of your colleagues and the principal, as well as parent and student representatives, a code of conduct regarding the use of mobile phones should be agreed on. Clear rules help schools to initiate sanctions for infringements.
Keep evidence of abusive emails, text messages and online conversations as well as the phone of the “bullies” as evidence if necessary. Keep in mind, however, that for privacy reasons you may not look at the stored content without the owner’s consent. It has to be considered whether a temporary removal of the mobile phone is proportionate or would unnecessarily aggravate certain situations.
Use the tools and safety equipment offered by various service providers.
When dealing with bullying incidents, inform the concerned parents as well as the police if you suspect a crime.
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