Data privacy

Social networks, online communities and chat rooms offer exciting opportunities for communication. But using them is not always risk free. The right knowledge helps to protect your privacy and your data from unwanted access.
It’s the endless possibilities of communication that are so very appealing. From email to social networks and chat rooms and exchanging opinions, photos, and videos – on the Internet, almost everything is possible.
When you use all of these attractive offers it is easy to forget the risks associated with the exchange of information. Many children and young people are not aware how much they reveal about themselves and others and that it’s not just their friends who are interested in their data. These aspects are increasingly important, because the media representation of oneself on the Internet plays an ever greater role for many children and young people. Which often means they carelessly disclose personal data.

So especially for children and young people, it’s paramount to raise issues such as privacy protection and protection against unwanted access to data and to strengthen their independent actions.

It all starts with the choice of email addresses and nicknames that might draw unwanted conclusions regarding their personality traits and interests or even place of residence. In addition to the innocence with which information is disseminated, it is often forgotten, that every user can be also the target of criminal attacks. For example the password theft has become a problem that concerns everyone. But there are effective strategies that protect us from hackers as well as the careless disclosure of private information.
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