Classroom technology

The new media developments affect not only everyday life, they also bring changes to schooling and into classrooms. For example, cloud computing, media-based teaching, and the ePortfolio are considered trend-setting technologies.
Competent handling of information and communication technologies and new media for children and young people has become a key qualification. That has long changed the world of work. So, the task is to prepare students for the demands of the information society. Schools and teachers are therefore urged to provide the appropriate teaching and learning – that’s no easy task, because there’s nothing today that definitively says what modern educational aids will prevail in the everyday school world.
Cloud computing is one of the technologies that brings with it advantages for use in schools. The main advantage is that the software can no longer be saved locally, but is rather called up and used directly via the Internet browser. That makes it easier for many users in school, because it dramatically simplifies software updates. Maintenance is practically no longer needed.

The increased use of new media in schools is a sure thing. Today, 96 percent of teachers surveyed in the ”Teachtoday” study use digital technology in the classroom. So digital media will be an integral part of the everyday school life soon.

Also very interesting for schools and already widely used are ePortfolios. This is a digital binder, which can consist of text, images, sounds, graphics and video files. In school an ePortfolio is especially useful to promote self-organized learning. The contents are also usable for students beyond each respective class
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