Are you a mobile case?!

Are you a mobile case?!

A feature on mobile usage times and breaks.
We can use phones everywhere nowadays – and we mostly do! But do we have to use them?
Read the newest messages, but keep the conversation short: The mobile phone is very often a part of our daily routine. It rings and the first thing we do is answer right away. Its not rare for this to happen while we are already talking to someone else face to face. But how does that make our conversation partner feel? Have you ever had a dinner conversation with telephones on the table? What an annoying distraction – but what’s behind it? How can we deal with this need to be “on” constantly?
That’s why there’s the “Are you a cell phone case?!” manual, full of tips and tricks. We’ll teach you how to craft a mobile phone case and talk to your children about when it’s okay to use the phone and when it’s time to take a break. And we recommend jointly agreed upon rules for how to have respectful contact – with mobile usage times and without.
Tips for Children
At Teachtoday’s children’s website there are plenty of tips for parents and educators on how to talk to children about cell phone usage times and about the importance of taking a break.