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Summit for Kids 2016

On November 04, 2016 Teachtoday held its “Summit for Kids” in Bonn, this time on data traces and security. Find out more!

Summit for Kids 2015

Over 150 children from across Germany traveled to Bonn for the event. Alongside workshops and activities, the highpoint was revealing the winner of the international competition “Media sure! But secure.”

Summit for Kids 2014

For the first time, Deutsche Telekom hosted a “Cyber Security Summit for Kids.” The goal is to prepare children for dealing with modern communication technology.

Safer Internet Day 2016

How does one use digital media safely? In Erfurt, Germany, fourth graders got to show how much they know about the digital world.

Safer Internet Day 2015

Teachtoday visited the Hausburg-Grundschule in Berlin, Friedrichshain for “Safer Internet Days” on February 2nd, 2015.