The 2016 contest

We congratulate the prize-winners at this point and would like to thank everyone who submitted a project for participation in the competition. The winners were awarded 2016 at the “Summit for Kids.”
Innovative ideas need creative minds to become reality. Creative minds need a forum that gives their ideas visibility. That’s what the competition “Media sure! But secure.” is all about, for the third year running!
First prize of the “Media sure! But secure.” competition went to the project “Football meets culture” (LitCam gGmbH), which was aimed at improvement of educational opportunities and fostering educational equality with topics related to football. Second prize went to the international workshop “It’s our web! – Das ist unser Netz! – To jest nasza siec!” German and polish youth got to check out their media use in this project. “The internet experts of the radio foxes – Die Internet-Experten der Radiofüchse” (Kinderglück e.V.) were proud to claim third prize in the competition.
The two country awards for Germany went to projects “welcome2spandau” (Medienkompetenzzentrum CIA Spandau) and “Mobile library Lab” (Mannheim city library). The Austrian award went to the project “Cybermops is watching you” of the Vienna career academy Berufsschule Wien. The jury awarded three special prizes to the projects “Facebookexperiment – an image goes around the world” (Nils-Holgersson elementary school, Thedinghausen) “Safer Smartphone” (Politik zum Anfassen e.V., Isernhagen policy) as well as “Like me – It’s me! Is that me?” (the youth office, Jugendamt Dortmund).
The jury
Winners were chosen by year’s top ranking jury: (photo from left to right) Björn Schreiber (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter e. V.), Martina Schwebe-Eckstein (Deutsche Telekom AG), Mechthild Appelhoff (State North Rhine-Westphalia Media Institute), Prof. Dr. Nadia Kutscher (University of Vechta), Dr. Paul Kral (Connected the kids initiative of T-Mobile Austria) and Bianca Nawrath (presenter).
Award ceremony at the “Summit for Kids” 2016
More than 150 children were in attendance for this year’s “Summit for Kids” and they to learn all kinds of interesting things about safe media use and privacy. The summit took place on November 4th in Bonn, and the winners of the “Media sure! But secure.” competition from Teachtoday were awarded. Over 3,000 children and youngsters participated in the international competition. They grappled with safe media use in many multifaceted media projects.