Competition: Media sure! But secure.

Our second “Media sure! But secure.” contest just ended with success! The winners were presented with their awards at the Summit for Kids 2015 on November 18th, 2015.
Educational professionals everywhere are committed to integrating digital media into teaching and learning in a positive way. They’re developing projects to build media competence and showing children what safe media usage looks like.

Many of the innovative, exemplary projects, however, don’t get national visibility. That’s where our “Media sure! But secure.” contest comes into play. The competition offers educational professionals who have successfully implemented projects with digital media, not just awards, but a platform to present their projects and concepts and to exchange ideas as well.
This year we sought projects in two categories: 1. Safe media usage: These include projects and concepts that focus on safe behavior with media, no matter whether at school, at home or during free time. 2. Learning with digital media: Here we asked for concepts that bring big gains from using digital media in the classroom to achieve learning goals and help transmit learning content.
Choosing the winners
A wide range of projects was submitted for both categories. They were evaluated based on criteria such as practicality, creativity and transferability. Selecting the winner was done by a top-class jury of representatives from academia, professionals and the Deutsche Telekom (left to right).
Philipp Riederle, blogger and consultant
Prof. Dr. Gerda Kysela-Schiemer, University College of Teacher Education Carinthia, special field of work: teaching methodology, pedagogy for secondary education
Gabriele Kotulla, Vice President Group Corporate Responsibility Deutsche Telekom
Prof. Dr. Silke Grafe, University of Würzburg, special field of work: international pedagogy
Christine Brasch, journalist, special field of work: children and media literacy
Prof. Dr. Frederike Siller, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, special field of work: media research and media pedagogy
André J. Spang, teacher at the Kaiserin Augusta School in Cologne, initiator of #EDchatDE
Awards ceremony at the Summit for Kids 2015
The winners of the competition have been presented with their awards at the Summit for Kids 1015, which took place on November 18th, 2015, in Bonn. They will all get prizes for their classes or learning groups, but ranging from 100 to up 500 euros for 1st place. You can find out more about the Summit, an action-packed day for children to learn about safe media usage and learning with digital media, via the link below.