Are you a mobile case?!

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Background Information

Message services like WhatsApp or Threema have definitely changed our communication behavior. Exchange between people is certainly easier, but it often results in the feeling that we need to be available all the time.

Rules and Tips for Parents

Many parents find it difficult to teach their children the proper use of digital media. The topics of respectful interaction with others and using media too frequently come up for discussion time and again.

Rules and Tips for Educators

The flood of new devices, digital technologies and forms of use can be distressing for children and adolescents as well as parents.

“Self-made cell case”

A cell phone case is a handy thing. It protects the display from scratches and looks good. Especially when you design the case yourself.

Children’s Page

This way to Teachtoday’s tips for kids with their first cell phone.
Tips for children

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