How to make a good video?

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Hundreds of hours of new video material get uploaded to YouTube every minute, and that’s just one platform! YouTube is so successful, especially among children and young people, because it allows them to be both consumers and producers.
Making a video by one’s self is actually very easy, from a technical standpoint. All you need is a smartphone! But if you want a really good video, you’ll need a bit more.

The infographic “Lights, camera, action!” can serve as an introduction to the many facets and possibilities of video production. It shows in short steps what it takes to make a successful video and how easily children can produce exciting videos.

Lights, camera, action!

Simply print out and hang up the infographic and talk with your children or adolescents about it.

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/mediabase/img/3060.jpg Video portals are among the most popular sites that children and young people use in the digital world today. The selection of portals and platforms out there is very large. Background
/mediabase/img/3061.jpg The world of video portals promises attention and participation. Portals that enable live-streaming, i.e. real time video broadcasting, are also becoming ever more significant online. Quick check on video portals

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