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News 11.11.2016

Winners of the competition “Media sure! But secure.”

This year’s “Summit for Kids” saw the winner of Teachtoday’s “Media sure! But secure.” contest.

More than 150 children were in attendance for this year’s “Summit for Kids” and they to learn all kinds of interesting things about safe media use and privacy. The summit took place on November 4th in Bonn, and the winners of the “Media sure! But secure.” competition from Teachtoday were awarded. Over 3,000 children and youngsters participated in the international competition. They grappled with safe media use in many multifaceted media projects.

First prize of the “Media sure! But secure.” competition went to the project “Football meets culture” (LitCam gGmbH), which was aimed at improvement of educational opportunities and fostering educational equality with topics related to football. The project offers one hour of tutoring and one hour of football practice twice a week. The tutoring lessons employ digital media and topics related to football. For example, children use tablets for sorting football statistics in their mathematics classes.

Second prize went to the international workshop “It’s our web! – Das ist unser Netz! – To jest nasza siec!” German and polish youth got to check out their media use in this project. It was comprised of a workshop week in which the youngsters dealt with the question of how they use media and what the internet ought to look like in the future. In small groups they worked on these topics with experienced media creators. The result was two radio plays and a film about various everyday situations as well as a music video, which the youngsters composed for, wrote the texts and shot the footage themselves.

“The internet experts of the radio foxes – Die Internet-Experten der Radiofüchse” (Kinderglück e.V.) were proud to claim third prize in the competition. The children’s internet editorial team was responsible for the Radiofüchse website and put their own content on social networks. They asked the internet to comment and then wrote and monitored comments themselves. Along with testing games, the children were also supposed to watch out for opportunities, dangers and limits on how long they should play.

The two country awards for Germany went to projects “welcome2spandau” (Medienkompetenzzentrum CIA Spandau) and “Mobile library Lab” (Mannheim city library). The Austrian award went to the project “Cybermops is watching you” of the Vienna career academy Berufsschule Wien. The jury awarded three special prizes to the projects “Facebookexperiment – an image goes around the world” (Nils-Holgersson elementary school, Thedinghausen) “Safer Smartphone” (Politik zum Anfassen e.V., Isernhagen policy) as well as “Like me – It’s me! Is that me?” (the youth office, Jugendamt Dortmund).