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Teachtoday International

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Media competence across borders

Deutsche Telekom's national companies are committed to ensuring more education and participation for all target groups across all locations.

Empowering Education, Connecting the World

In order to provide information on media literacy and overcome the digital divide, our national companies independently organize regional activities: in collaboration with competent partner organizations, they promote programming courses for children and young people, provide devices or school accesses, or work with partners on solutions on how particularly disadvantaged groups such as people with physical limitations, low income, or who are elderly can get online and provide them with skills so that they can use digital media.

A wide range of age groups, social needs and technical information levels are taken into account and included. Diverse target groups are consulted, trained and inspired to participate in social life in a self-effective, competent and creative way.

Teachtoday International

On the Teachtoday International portal, we have bundled the commitment of all international initiatives to promote media literacy. This reflects how we work together intensively across countries and exchange experiences and best practices. The English-language portal provides an overview of specific initiatives and projects and is constantly updated.
In cooperation with Telekom's national companies, activities of the initiative are carried out in accordance with the guiding principle "Act responsibly. Enable sustainability." are successfully implemented internationally.
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/mediabase/img/6728.jpg Teachtoday is a Deutsche Telekom initiative to promote safe and competent media use. Our initiative
/mediabase/img/1793.jpg Teachtoday, an initiative of Deutsche Telekom, offers numerous formats and programs for promoting competent and safe media use by children and adolescents. Project Office



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