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Disinformation in times of AI

2024: Important elections are coming up worldwide, but the spread of disinformation via digital channels is increasing. Strengthening media literacy is crucial in times of fake news and populist movements to protect democracy and support young people.
Disinformation in times of AI

Fake News – Strategies of Disinformation

Disinformation, reinforced by artificial intelligence, is difficult to recognize and spreads rapidly via social media and messenger services. For better orientation and to be able to support young people effectively, you can find out more about the strategies here.
Fake News â Strategies of Disinformation

Interview with CORRECTIV Salon5

In the interview, Hatice Kahraman, Editorial Director of Salon5, explains to CORRECTIV that it is crucial to empower young people to critically question information, check sources and recognize the difference between facts and manipulated news.
Interview with CORRECTIV Salon5


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