First-aid Plan: Cyberbullying

Because social networks are a mixture of self-presentation, social exchange and dissemination, they often become the scene of cyberbullying: systematic harassment, exposure and belittling in the virtual realm. The First-aid Plan from Teachtoday will show you what to do.
Bullying is not a phenomenon confined to the digital world. The Internet and popularity of smartphones makes it possible for harassment to extend into the virtual realm as well. This is what’s called cyberbullying and it has some special qualities: It can occur anytime and around the clock; it can spread super fast and sometimes happens completely anonymously.

But to take preventative steps before cyberbullying even breaks out, you can use our First-aid Plan! If you’re already facing a case, you’ll find the right way to deal with it here. The First-aid Plan also offers helpful tips on how to deal with the perpetrators.
How the First-aid Plan works
Use the First-aid Plan to talk about cyberbullying in depth with your children. Mark the statements that you and the children find the most important and fill in the text gaps. Together, think about how you can tell that cyberbullying is going on and what to do in such an emergency.
To the Pinboard!
You can simply print out the First-aid Plan, fold it and post it on a pinboard or on the fridge. Then it’s always visible in case you need it.

First-aid Plan

Here you can download the First-aid Plan “Cyberbullying on Social Networks,” print it out and fill it in by hand.