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Social Networks

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Background Information

Online social networks are a big hit with children and young people. It’s where they make new contacts, maintain friendships and organize meet ups.
Soziale Netzwerke Hintergrund

Infographic: A picture goes around the world

Taking a picture with a smartphone is done in no time. And it’s just as quick to send it out via a messaging service. But is the picture meant for everybody to see?
A picture goes around the world thumb

First-aid Plan: Cyberbullying

Because social networks are a mixture of self-presentation, social exchange and dissemination, they often become the scene of cyberbullying: systematic harassment, exposure and belittling in the virtual realm.
First-aid Plan: Cyberbullying

Interview: “Abbreviated speech is a plus”

It’s the young users who turn to abbreviations and visualizations on social networks. Instead of completely formed sentences, emoticons, LOLs and hashtags populate posts and messages.
Interview: âAbbreviated speech is a plusâ

Questions and answers

Do you have a question about social networks that hasn’t been answered?
Fragen und Antworten Netzwerke


This way to Teachtoday’s tips for kids with their first cell phone.
Tips for children

Cell phone cover

Cell phone covers are convenient and can be made very easily even by children and parents together.
To the instructions on the children’s page of Teachtoday

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