Infographic: A picture goes around the world

Taking a picture with a smartphone is done in no time. And it’s just as quick to send it out via a messaging service. But is the picture meant for everybody to see? Once it’s published online, that post can spread quickly and get a lot of coverage across social networks. This infographic from Teachtoday shows how quickly a picture can go around the world.
Social networks form a web of uncountable nodes that constantly continues to spread and connect. Thus one user may only have 50 friends in a community, but the friends of friends and so on allows that user’s posts to reach many more people. This multiplier function is the strength of social networks, but it can make for unpleasant surprises. In some social networks, users can affect the range of their posts with the security settings. For details, you can check the terms of the respective providors.

This infographic depicts the fictional story of Lara and shows how often one post can get “liked” and shared and perhaps thereby be broadcast online beyond what she had planned or wanted, and all within 24 hours.
Simply print out and hang up the infographic and talk with your children or adolescents about it. This graphic surely has a lot to offer in conversation material.

A picture goes around the world

Lara takes a selfie. “Will Leon like this one?” she asks herself and, whoosh, she’s already sent it to him...