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Video portals are very popular among children and youngsters. They can watch clips and comment on them, follow stars and even get active themselves.
It’s difficult to choose from the numerous platform offers, to set up an account in a secure way, and especially to agree with children to rules for everyday use. Teachtoday has collected some frequently asked questions about video portals and put together some answers for you.
Most video portals are only approved for teenagers aged 13 and older. But that’s more about legal protection of the portals and less about youth protection. No portal actually verifies the minor’s age! That means: The child can simply enter a fantasy date of birth when registering. Beyond that, if the child just wants to watch videos, they don’t have to register. Posted videos are freely available to all visitors. That’s why it makes sense for parents to check the individual channels and to set the settings regarding protection of minors. For example, YouTube offers a mode, via the Google settings, to prevent unsuitable content from being shown to minors. But it’s also important to know that this function can be deactivated easily, and the filter is not completely reliable either.
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/mediabase/img/3060.jpg Video portals are among the most popular sites that children and young people use in the digital world today. The selection of portals and platforms out there is very large. Background
/mediabase/img/3061.jpg The world of video portals promises attention and participation. Portals that enable live-streaming, i.e. real time video broadcasting, are also becoming ever more significant online. Quick check on video portals

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