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News 11.08.2023

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Good parenting means not only protecting our children from physical dangers, but also maintaining their digital privacy.

It's summertime and you are spending your well deserved vacation on the beach. The kids are playing in the sand. "What a beautiful scene" you think while quickly pulling out your smartphone to take a picture and in the blink of an eye you're sharing it with friends online on social media - supposedly only your friends. However, sharing information and pictures of our children on social media, known as "sharenting", can have serious consequences.

With a view to current technological developments, we have to deal with these possible consequences. What can happen is illustrated by Telekom's new campaign called "ShareWithCare" in a staged but thoroughly realistic scenario. It highlights issues such as the misuse of children's images and identity theft.

Alongside other initiatives Teachtoday is mentioned as Telekom's partner in the field due to our dedication to media literacy amongst the youth and our goal to facilitate digital education for teachers and parents. In our href="https://www.teachtoday.de/en/3206_Toolbox.htm" target="_blank"Toolbox you can find several materials addressing data protection.

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Not sharing is caring

Good parenting means not only protecting our...

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