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Learn more about the methodology and approach behind the Media Competency Test by Teachtoday.
In the context of the Media Competency Test, the learning group’s basic skills with regards to media are recorded and evaluated – from knowledge over action to responsible behaviour. This is achived with a mix of multuiple-choice and single-choice questions.

The Media Competency Test includes 24 questions regarding how to deal with digital media and alludes to the media use behaviours of children and adolescents. The test is based on a competency model that includes six core competencies in total, which are particularly important for creative, safe, and communicative approaches to digital media:

Communication skills
Cooperation skills
Judgment skills
Creative skills
Decision-making skills
Personal responsibility

This competence model is based on the work of Prof. John Erpenbeck, in particular his competency atlas, and on research projects carried out by Helliwood media & education for the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung ) within their skills lab the “Kompetenzlabor” (www.kompetenzlabor.de, in German).

The six competencies are measured with four questions apiece. The questions’ content focuses on the children’s own knowledge, action and behaviour when dealing with digital media. This way the characteristics of these skills can be assessed more accurately/individually, and become easier to estimate.

Each question begins with an everyday scenario. The test subject is given several action options that call for self-assessment.

The Media Competency Test is designed for the age group 9 through 12 years. The selected questions focus on dealing with the media in the areas of games, learning, listening and creative use.

Once the test participants have answered all 24 questions, they receive a personal evaluation. At the same time, their results flow into the overall assessment of the learning group.

Do you want to know how fit your learning group is when it comes to digital media?


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Test Guide

Should you encounter any difficulties in setting up access for your learning group, please refer to this guide.
Download [105.25 KB, pdf]