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Instructions for the Competency Test

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Here you find explanations of how to set up the Media Competency Test for your study group and how to evaluate it.
Teachtoday doesn’t only inform on issues like safe media use. We take the rights of our users very seriously. That’s why we don’t collect any personal data about the children and adolescents. Each participant receives an individual access key for the test procedure.

Educational staff receive an access code, which they can use to generate the access keys for the children and adolescents and see the test results for each study group.

The following explains step by step how to set up access for the the Media Competency Test.

If you want to perform the media competency test with your learning group, you must login with your learning group and generate individual access keys for the individual members of the learning groups.

Under the menu item “Access codes” you will be guided through the competency test set up in just a few steps.

Step 1
In the first step under “New registration”, you choose a name for your group. Click on “Access codes” to generate an individual access code for your learning group.

Step 2
In the second step under “Select age group”, select the age group (9–12 or 13–15) of the participants who will take the test.

Step 3
In the third step under “Set number of access keys”, you enter in how many test participants there are. You will then receive the individual access keys for your learning group participants as a PDF to download. You can save this document or print it out directly.

The media competency test can be accessed here: www.scroller.de. The children can login individually with their access keys and answer the 24 questions.

Create multiple learning groups
There is no limit to the number of groups that can take the media competency test. Simply create a new group and you will receive the corresponding access code. You can have it sent to you via email or make a note of it. Only with the access code for a group can you see the corresponding evaluation results or generate additional access keys.

Test assessment presentations
The test results of your study group are presented in a diagram. These depict,
A where the group’s average lies,
B how the competencies are distributed within the study group,
C how many test participants managed the highest or lowest number of points.

Based on the test results, you can identify the areas in which your group is strong and where you can build their strengths, but you can also see exactly where the learning group needs special attention.

Test Guide

Should you encounter any difficulties in setting up access for your learning group, please refer to this guide.
Download [105.25 KB, pdf]