Summit for Kids 2017

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What effect can a chain letter have? Can the same images tell different stories? Do online social media stars always show their true face?
Answers to these and other questions were offered by the winners of our competition “Media sure. But secure!” Teachtoday presented the results at the “Summit for Kids 2017” on November 9th at the Deutsche Telekom headquarters in Bonn, Germany.
1st place:  Heinrich Heine Comprehensive School, Duisburg


And action!

Over 120 children were offered the opportunity at the “Summit for Kids” to strengthen their safe media usage in a playful and exciting way. Four workshops were held for this purpose to survey and discuss, work on photo-stories, produce videos and make creative pinboards from recycled electro-junk.

The highlight of the day of action was the award ceremony for the winners of Teachtoday’s 2017 media competition. In answer to the question “Do media shape opinion?” learning groups from many schools and youth organizations put together projects that critically dealt with this topic from a variety of perspectives. In the run-up, six finalists were determined in an online voting process that included all applicants. The six groups then got to present the results of their competition projects at the “Summit for Kids” live on the big stage.

The winning teams were selected through a dual process of audience voting and a five-person expert jury consisting of Telekom Board Member Dr. Thomas Kremer, MDR Program Coordinator Matthias Montag, Journalist Sylvia Binner, Professor Birgit Stark of the University of Mainz and YouTuber Max Oberüber. The day of action was moderated by well-known TV presenter Tim Schreder.

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