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Interesting facts about the wild carrot

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Why the wild carrot of all things? Which insects do they particularly like? And what do bears and dogs have to do with it all?

For the first expert interview in our "Off to the Umbels" challenge, Teachtoday spoke with Dominic Wachs, a landscape architect and plant expert. In the video he helps us get to know the plants better, he explains what you can do while the cones are not yet in bloom, whether the wild carrot is edible, and what's important when it comes to plant care.

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Dominic Wachs is currently researching the use of plants in the city and knows a lot about plants like the wild carrot. In the interview, he further explains why the wild carrot attracts so many insects, what exactly biodiversity is, and what you can do even on a small scale to provide insects with a home.

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