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Photography and counting aid

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Your counting guide for measuring biodiversity

After our experts have informed us comprehensively about plant growth, insect research, nature conservation and biodiversity during the last weeks, we now proceed with the next phase of our challenge: Observing, counting and documenting insects.

For an easy start, we have created a step-by-step counting guide with many tips and ideas. The PDF can be downloaded here free of charge.

Insects count table

With the insect counting table you can thoroughly document the counted insects. Simply download and fill in while observing.

Photography and counting aid

The photography and counting aid gives you tips and advice on what to look for when observing and recording insects.

Did you miss out on the blossoms of your wild carrots?

No problem! If the flowering time of the wild carrot fell exactly into your vacation season, there are still enough weeks of summer left in which other plants present their blossoms! Take a look on the roadside, in flowering meadows or gardens in your surrounding. There might still be enough plants that attract insects for you to record and count right now.

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