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Sustainability challenge

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Sustainability detectives at the European Football Championship

As part of the European Football Championship 2024, our Teachtoday reporters - the so-called "sustainability detectives" - are looking for clues and asking questions: What about sustainability at such a big event? The sustainability detectives report from various stations and record their findings on video.

The sustainability detectives will make stops at three major stations over the entire duration of the European Football Championship. They will interact with fans, players who are particularly committed to sustainability and fairness and officials in order to capture a wide range of perspectives. Particular attention is paid to engagement and interest in topics relating to sustainability and digitalization.

European Football Championship 2024

UEFA EURO 2024 will opened on Friday, June 14 in Munich and end on Sunday, July 14 with the final in Berlin. Deutsche Telekom is the official national partner of UEFA EURO 2024 and will ensure the connectivity of the ten host cities, the 24 team and training quarters as well as all official fan zones in the host cities.
Sustainable and digital
The sustainability detectives accompany a winning team of the cell phone collection campaign, visit a European Championship match and fan miles. They create short videos in which they ask the interviewees about their attitude towards sustainability. They also ask questions about fan and stadium culture and the extent to which sustainability aspects play a role there.
The three stations of the sustainability detectives at a glance
Station 1: Public Viewing
Date: Wednesday, 19.06.2024
Location: Berlin, Public Viewing UEFA Fan Zone
Lots of people, lots of fan merchandise, countless beverage cups and much more. - Can a major event also be a sustainable event? The detectives asked. HERE you can find the results as a video story.

Station 2: European Championship game
Date: Tuesday, 25.06.2024, 6:00 pm
Location: Berlin, match Netherlands : Austria
On the couch at home or in the big stadium: which is better? And which is more environmentally friendly? The sustainability detectives make a comparison between the atmosphere and sustainability at home and attending a match directly in the stadium.

Station 3: Cell phone collection
Date: Sunday, 30.06.2024
Location: Cologne, Magenta TV Studio
In a nationwide Telekom campaign, amateur football clubs collected old cell phones. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of electronics recycling and at the same time optimize the use of resources. The Teachtoday sustainability detectives visit a winning team from this campaign, ask them about their commitment to sustainability and accompany the winners on their visit to the Magenta TV studio in Cologne.
Raising awareness of global commitment
The Sustainability Detectives Challenge as part of the European Football Championship offers an opportunity to actively involve young people in the discussion and shaping of a sustainable and digitally responsible future. Through their involvement around the sporting event, they are given a platform to raise their voices and initiate change. The engagement is intended to raise long-term awareness of digital sustainability and responsible online behavior.

The challenge also provides a unique opportunity to educate students about the importance of sustainability in an international context. By linking it to the popular pan-European event, teachers can spark young people's interest and show them how international sporting events can be used to promote important issues such as environmental protection and social responsibility. In this way, the Challenge not only raises awareness of sustainable practices, but also facilitates intercultural exchange and discussions on common global challenges and solutions.

All collected results and contributions of the challenge are summarized on this portal in a video diary and can be used by all interested teachers and pedagogical professionals as inspiration for discussions and media education projects on the topics of (global) sustainability and digitalization.
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/mediabase/img/cache/7278_740x740.jpg Public viewing, live in the stadium and a cell phone collection campaign - at the European Football Championship 2024, our detectives explore what sustainable engagement looks like at such events. Overview
/mediabase/img/7279.jpg How sustainable is a major event? The sustainability detectives were at the Pbulic Viewing and checked it out on the soccer fan mile. Public Viewing in Berlin

Interview with Fabian Reese

Interview with the GURK Brothers

EC Match: stadium versus home

Cell phone collection campaign for the EM


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