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Safe monster hunting with Pokémon Go

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It’s a good thing that Pokémon settled down in the USA first. There, the monster hunters have already gained some experiences and had some nasty surprises.
Now, the game has also launched in Germany with a lot of success. So that monster hunting doesn’t become dangerous for children, adults can find 10 safety tips here for playing Pokémon Go safely and responsibly.
With Pokémon Go, the game is to find and capture little monsters with the phone camera or inside the app within the player’s physical surroundings. This leads to players often looking only at their phone screens while hunting, instead of dangers from moving cars, obstacles or uneven and treacherous ground. This phenomenon isn’t new, but with Pokémon Go it’s certainly exacerbated by the pressure to find the monsters and the overlay of the virtual onto the real environment.
The original post is from Walter Fikisz, Social Media Manager / University of Lower Austria. Written by T-Mobile Austria for the kids blog (in German).

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