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The App Advisor

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For smartphones and tablets, apps offer many practical services; the small programs have really stirred up the entertainment market for adults and children.

Graphic: “How games apps work”

For the developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, playing was “work for children.” Children strengthen important skills such as creativity and teamwork.
Graphic: âHow games apps workâ

Interview: “Apps offer lots of opportunities”

Thomas Feibel knows what children expect from apps. He is one of the leading journalists in the field of children and digital media.
Interview: âApps offer lots of opportunitiesâ

Questions and Answers

Every week in the schoolyard, kids hear about some new app – a totally must have. And it’s not rare for these apps to have functions that leave adults scratching their heads.
Questions and Answers

Safe monster hunting with Pokémon Go

It’s a good thing that Pokémon settled down in the USA first. There, the monster hunters have already gained some experiences and had some nasty surprises.
Safe monster hunting with Pokémon Go

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