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Digital communication

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An almost limitless number of communication channels, fast and simple communication paths with broad reception and a high degree of transparency: What makes today’s communication so special?
Communication’s means and its form has been changed by digitization with huge consequences for communities, groups and societies. Digital communication is also changing the way we use language. Instead of fully formulated sentences, we express our feelings, desires and attitudes with emoticons, LOLs and hashtags.
Beyond time and space

Answering my emails, checking my Whatsapp groups, writing SMS, chatting, tweeting, reading the latest posts, sharing pictures on Instagram: Communicating through and even with digital media itself means using many different communication channels. In addition, there are characteristics of digital media such as speed, dynamism, reach, visuality, internationality, accessibility; but it’s also time-consuming, overwhelming and confusing.

Safe and secure

Data protection and consumer advocates are pointing to the negative developments in the digital world associated with the business models of global companies. Data privacy and privacy protection has become an important issue due to digital communications, as almost every action in the digital space is linked to the collection of data. Behaviors that transfer from the real world into the digital world, too, such as cyberbullying Cyberbilling is becoming an explosive issue due to the expanded social public sphere.

Things communicate too!

But not only has communication between people changed: Devices, platforms, technologies and applications are electronically interconnected. In the Internet of Things people will communicate more and more with digital devices, but so will the devices among each other. Watches, glasses, toothbrushes, refrigerators – the networking of such intelligent objects will also further advance the transformation of communication.

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/mediabase/img/4415.jpg For advertising to work, it has to be visible. That works best for forms of media that people want to use and do so often. We’re the advertisers
/mediabase/img/4416.jpg The change in our forms of communication through digital media has many critics. In constant contact

Project idea: (Not) without my mobile!

The Internet of things

Big Data

In the digital world today, huge quantities of a wide variety of data are collected and evaluated automatically.
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