The First Very Own Cell Phone

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The question comes up in nearly every family whether the children should have their own cell phones or even smartphones. And more and more frequently the answer to this question is yes.

Rules and tips for parents

More and more children are receiving their first mobile phones around the time they start elementary school. Meanwhile, today’s cell phones, esp. smartphones, have more and more features and are no longer for just making phone calls.

Rules and tips for educators

That first very own cell phone inevitably finds its way into the classroom. The challenge for educators then is to position themselves to address this form of early media use in a competent way.

Cellular phone agreement

A first cell phone is an exciting thing: for the child but also for the parents. For everyone, it’s very important that children learn responsible mobile behavior. That’s where a cellular phone agreement can help.

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This way to Teachtoday’s tips for kids with their first cell phone.
Tips for children

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