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Educator and consultant

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The flood of new devices, digital technologies and forms of use can be distressing for children and adolescents as well as parents. Educational professionals therefore mainly have two tasks: They can help parents to reduce existing distress regarding the use of the media with advice and by providing information. Among children and adolescents, they can raise awareness of dealing with media.
The following tips help professionals to meet their role as a consultant for parents and at the same time to fullfil their function to impart knowledge.
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/mediabase/img/1932.jpg The question comes up in nearly every family whether the children should have their own cell phones or even smartphones. And more and more frequently the answer to this question is yes. Multimedia all-rounders
/mediabase/img/1898.jpg More and more children are receiving their first mobile phones around the time they start elementary school. Meanwhile, today’s cell phones, esp. smartphones, have more and more features and are no longer for just making phone calls. Rules and tips for parents

Rules and tips for educators

Cellular phone agreement

Proper use of digital media

“Self-made cell case”

Cell phone cover

Cell phone covers are convenient and can be made very easily even by children and parents together.
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