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That first very own cell phone inevitably finds its way into the classroom. This often has to due with a mutual desire of parents and children to be able to contact each other at any and all times. The challenge for educators then is to position themselves to address this form of early media use in a competent way.
Correct usage behavior presents quite a few challenges to educators. Here are five important rules to remember:
Follow the children’s media use with genuine interest. Talk with them about how they use their phones, what for, and how often. Ask them how it may have changed the way they communicate or how they look at sources of information.
Agree on specific rules for the use of cell phones in school and during class together with the children – and stick to them yourself!
Coordinate with parents about appropriate cell phone use in school.
Make the children’s privacy a topic – and remember to respect theirs. What they have on their smartphones and mobiles is private and may only be viewed in exceptional cases or when the children wish to show you.
Discuss with the children about choosing content that is age appropriate. Get them to think about media content and experiences together as a group.
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