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Cape 10

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Keeping stable connections: digitally and socially

People living with social or health constraints benefit from safe, well-connected spaces that provide expertise locally. Cape 10, the community house for everyone in Vienna provides such a space: People, especially poverty-stricken and / or health-disadvantaged women, children and adolescents receive advice, exchange opportunities and professional expertise for various areas of life.

Telekom Magenta provides the infrastructural basis for all these services: The high-speed Internet connection and the Wi-Fi structure in all public areas enable a large number of local people to access the Internet free of charge - for more security and participation.

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/mediabase/img/cache/6880_740x740.jpg In Austria, Magenta Telekom ensures more digital competence in the classroom: The offer includes digital workshops, technology and pedagogical expertise - free of charge. ConnectedKids
/mediabase/img/cache/6938_740x740.jpg Hrvatski Telekom inspires young people in Croatia for IoT and STEM subjects to make them creative pioneers of the future. Generation Now

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