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Magenta Experience Center

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A unique center for media competence

Located in Prague, the Magenta Experience Center has hosted hundreds of events, educational programs for schools and the public since its opening in 2021 and continues to expand its activities. Digital education and media literacy are the focus of most activities.

The MEC organizes many educational events for schools, suburban camps and interesting events. Interested parties can organize events, record a podcast in a professional studio, seek help with cell phones or simply come along and try it out.
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/mediabase/img/6898.png Telekom's subsidiaried work internationally to enable more education and participation for all target groups. Overview
/mediabase/img/cache/6880_740x740.jpg In Austria, Magenta Telekom ensures more digital competence in the classroom: The offer includes digital workshops, technology and pedagogical expertise - free of charge. ConnectedKids

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