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Network of generations

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Connecting the unconnected – digital literacy program for seniors

In Poland, only 43%* of people aged 65-74 use the Internet. This is very little compared to other age groups in our country, but also not much considering access to the Web in other European countries. Therefore we had to act to change it! To give seniors the power to develop their passions and deliver tools to help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

Whether information-rich magazines, videos or a hotline - the Polish national company is taking numerous measures to ensure that older people can stay up to date and participate in everything digitally. Here is an overview:
Providing catchy and important articles for seniors in popular magazines ("How to send SMS" or "MMS - what you need to know about it").
Production of twelve videos for senior citizens to introduce them to the digital world. These are designed to provide a safe educational platform that teaches the secrets of modern technology in an accessible way. Basic topics such as hardware usage, online safety and things you can do digitally are covered.
With its commitment, the Polish national company reached the majority of senior citizens via the media they regularly use and achieved a reach of over 8 million people.
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Connecting the unconnected
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